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Door Dash Stole My Dinner [an online chat in two acts]

Fun with Door Dash

On Saturday, June 4th at 12:04 PM eastern time, I placed an order for pickup at a local soul food restaurant. $35.38 worth of deliciousness. I placed it through the web via Door Dash.

I received this email.

A few minutes later, I received this confirmation.

I ran some errands and showed up at the restaurant a few minutes before 1:15 to pick up my order. A sign on the door said something to the effect of: Due to staffing issues, we will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.


I checked my bank account. The money was taken for the order, or at least it was pending. Maybe it won’t withdraw when the bank opens Monday. So I went on about my business wondering why Door Dash would let me place an order with a restaurant that was closed.

Monday was a busy day at work. I checked my bank. The money was withdrawn officially.  I’ll check tomorrow and see if a refund is issued, otherwise, I’ll call.

Tuesday. No refund. The only number in both emails [and the texts] I received was for the restaurant. So, I call. They tell me, you’ll have to contact Door Dash.

Fair enough. I log onto Door Dash’s website and look for customer support. I call the phone number. It gives me the option of receiving a link so I can text chat with support. I opt for that, because, people.

I never get the link. But there’s a chat button on the website. This is what followed.

Act One: Andrea L

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:17:25 PM): Hi! My name is Andrea. Give me a few seconds to pull up your account info

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:17:39 PM): I hope you are having an excellent day, for me it is a pleasure to serve you!

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:17:51 PM): ​In order to give you the best assistance possible, I would really appreciate if you could give me more details of the issue you’re having.

John (6/7/2022, 3:18:34 PM): I ordered pickup food from West Side Flavas in Scranton, PA on Saturday. Jun 4, 2022 | Order # 33dc485d

John (6/7/2022, 3:19:11 PM): Received an order confirmation. Received a notice that the cash had been withdrawn from my account.

John (6/7/2022, 3:19:34 PM): Got to the shop to pick up my order, and they are closed Sat/Sunday.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:19:49 PM): Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the situation to me.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:20:03 PM): ​I am so sorry that you didn’t receive your order. This is definitely not the kind of experience we want you to have​, but I hope I could help you the best way possible. Please provide me a couple of minutes while I check the order.​

John (6/7/2022, 3:20:13 PM): Yes.

John (6/7/2022, 3:20:30 PM): It was placed through the web, not the Door Dash app.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:21:00 PM): Could you please allow me a couple of minutes while I check the options available to fix this issue?​

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:22:18 PM): John, since it’s been a few days since this issue occurred, my system will not allow me to process any compensation. In the future, please report issues like this asap so we can better assist.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:22:38 PM): I apologize for this experience, I know it can be frustrating however this is DoorDash’s current compensation policy.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:22:58 PM): Is there anything else I can assist you with today?​

John (6/7/2022, 3:23:10 PM): So, I’m going to be out 35.38?

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:24:41 PM): John, I am so sorry for this inconvenience, but as I was explaining to you, since DoorDash’s policies do not allow me to do so.

John (6/7/2022, 3:24:41 PM): All the emails gave the restaurant’s phone number. I knew they were closed. Why would I call them?

John (6/7/2022, 3:24:53 PM): Put me in touch with someone who can.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:25:09 PM): I am sorry that you had a disappointing experience using our service. I apologize that you had this situation with the order that you paid for. I am also disappointed that I can’t provide you the request you were asking for, and believe me, I really wanted to help you out with that but we are unable to approve your request.

John (6/7/2022, 3:25:32 PM): Give me your supervisor, or their phone number.

John (6/7/2022, 3:25:56 PM): I hate to go all Karen on you, but $35 bucks ain’t nothing.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:25:56 PM): Sure I can escalate the situation to my supervisor. I just wanted to do my best for you and provide you the right assistance since we all handle the situation with the same information and procedures.

Andrea L (6/7/2022, 3:26:06 PM): You’re being transferred to a supervisor right now. Please bear on this chat until the next supervisor available can assist you.

Act Two: Darshan B [24 minutes later]

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:00:13 PM): Hi! Thanks for chatting in. We look forward to assisting you. A member of our team will be with you shortly.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:00:22 PM): “Hello, This is Darshan from the Supervisor Escalation Team. Give me a moment while I read through the previous conversation.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:00:45 PM): I am really sorry to hear that your order was not delivered to you. This isn’t what we want for our customers like you. Let me do my best to help you out.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:01:24 PM): I will be happy to check on this for you. May I put you on hold while I look into this issue?

John (6/7/2022, 4:02:10 PM): Sure.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:02:48 PM): Since it’s been a few days since this issue occurred, my system will not allow me to process any compensation. In the future, please report issues like this asap so we can better assist.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:02:54 PM): I apologize for this experience, I know it can be frustrating however this is DoorDash’s current compensation policy.

John (6/7/2022, 4:03:11 PM): This is the same BS the first person fed me.

John (6/7/2022, 4:03:25 PM): Escalate this, please.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:04:08 PM): I will document this incident as DoorDash never wanted there customers to face such issues with their orders and we will try to make sure this won’t happen again in your future orders.

John (6/7/2022, 4:05:13 PM): But it did happen, and I’m out $35. 38 for nothing.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:05:17 PM): Are we still connected?

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:05:32 PM): I am incredibly sorry that you had a disappointing experience using our service.

John (6/7/2022, 4:05:45 PM): Please escalate this. You guys took an order when the business was closed. I want my money back.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:06:30 PM): I want to do as you are expecting but its totally system generated process my system is not allowing me to proceed further.

John (6/7/2022, 4:06:58 PM): Then give me someone who can proceed further.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:08:02 PM): Here I can issue an additional credit of $5.00 for the inconvenience.

John (6/7/2022, 4:08:31 PM): $5 is not $35.38.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:08:55 PM): I understand that but if anything would have been possible I would have already done that without taking much of your time.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:09:03 PM): We are bound to certain limitations and we do not have the access to override the system.

John (6/7/2022, 4:09:18 PM): Then give me your supervisor.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:09:45 PM): We have processed a total of $5.00 credits and sent a confirmation email to you..

John (6/7/2022, 4:09:48 PM): Or give me 7.2 of those $5 credits.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:10:14 PM): I’m the last contact from escalation support.

John (6/7/2022, 4:10:51 PM): I’ll wait.

John (6/7/2022, 4:12:02 PM): You’re dealing with a fat white man who got cheated of fried chicken, red beans, and greens. I’ll totally escalate this myself.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:12:46 PM): We are constantly trying to improve our service and appreciate you reaching out and providing feedback.

John (6/7/2022, 4:13:27 PM): Stop using your BS macro and do something legit.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:14:12 PM): I do understand but as an employee we work under certain restrictions and have to work accordingly. I would have love to process the request however we do not have permission to do so.

John (6/7/2022, 4:14:50 PM): Then give me to someone who can.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:15:30 PM): I’m the last contact from escalate support.

John (6/7/2022, 4:15:40 PM): Who do you report to?

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:15:56 PM): I really do want to help you with the same as you have requested because out of job I’m also a customer of services.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:16:32 PM): I understand that sometimes we might be unable to solve problems as you might expect but we try to keep our customers happy and satisfied at our level best but here in this situation I’m literally bound by the company’s policies.

John (6/7/2022, 4:17:31 PM): I understand that. That’s why I want to speak to your supervisor. Someone must be able to make an executive decision.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:18:26 PM): I’m extremely sorry that you had to face this issue, I really appreciate you for being a loyal and valuable customer to us. I will be doing my very best to help you.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:18:45 PM): We are committed to ensuring the best customer experience and I apologize personally on behalf of DoorDash that we could not meet your expectation this time. Thank you for letting us know what happened. We will flag this for the appropriate team here at DoorDash.

John (6/7/2022, 4:19:11 PM): You can flag it all you want, I either want my money, or my food. Your choice.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:19:54 PM): I really wish I could have compensated you for this order. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so. Our System withholds all offers for further compensation at this time

John (6/7/2022, 4:20:23 PM): I’m burning up Twitter over this right now, too.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:20:32 PM): I believe that apologizing won’t make you feel better, but please do accept one from me since this is not the way we do things to our valued customer like you.

John (6/7/2022, 4:20:51 PM): It is the way you do things. You just did.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:21:18 PM): I do understand your concern, as I am a consumer myself but believe me due to the compensation policy of DoorDash, I am unable to issue you any refund or redelivery at this time for this order.

John (6/7/2022, 4:22:16 PM): Then you should put a customer service number in your confirmation texts and emails so I have someone to contact other than a restaurant that is closed.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:23:11 PM): Here is the number 855-431-0459 or 855-973-1040.

John (6/7/2022, 4:24:18 PM): That’s a start. Now I want the name of someone who can fix this without my having to go through this bs 3 more times.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:25:30 PM): I literally trust your words John, I really do want to help you with the same as you have requested but please accept my deepest apologies for this time, I’m literally bound by the company’s policies.

John (6/7/2022, 4:26:07 PM): I completely understand that your hands are tied. I want to speak to the people who tied them.

John (6/7/2022, 4:26:14 PM): I need a name.

Darshan B (6/7/2022, 4:26:58 PM): I understand your frustration with the service you’ve received. I will be taking the appropriate actions for feedback on the dasher.

And then Darshan closed the chat. And I don’t have my money. I don’t have my food, and I am supremely annoyed. Don’t fuck with a fat man’s soul food.

To Be Continued.