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Getting Closer Every Day…

New eBook Cover


Thank goodness for Adobe InDesign!

[Adobe, please feel free to throw money at me or extend my Creative Cloud subscription forever, I won’t complain.]

Try as I might with a combination of Microsoft Word and Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Direct tools, I could not get an eBook I was happy with from their proscribed creation method. No matter how I futzed with them, when I previewed the book in the KDP app, chapter titles came out as stretchy blobs, forced to full justify across the page. Drop caps kept getting, well, dropped, and all my carefully vetted and selected fonts were just getting turned into whatever Kindle wanted them to be after conversion.


Now, I’m mentioned that I’m an IT guy by day, right? I’ve also mentioned my peculiar fixation on proper font usage. So you can imagine how that situation sat with me.


I was beyond annoyed. Because after I let go and let Amazon, I uploaded the formatted manuscript to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing site, let it do the conversion, and waited patiently [HA!] to download a proof copy to my tablet.

It was even worse than the one generated by the app. I was appalled. App-palled.

So, girding my loins and with a mighty cry of “Fuck it!!” I kicked over the traces and started from scratch, even though this was days of my life wasted. I’m halfway through reformatting the manuscript into both a Kindle eBook and a paperback edition. I hope to have it knocked out by the week’s end. Yippee skippy.

On the up side, Tales from the Back of a Bus is now available for pre-order as an eBook. The paperback will be up shortly.

If you haven’t ordered yours yet, I’d appreciate it if you’d wait until the day it officially drops, July 3, 2018, that way my Amazon ranking will rise, and maybe I’ll make a list or front page somewhere on there.

Please and thank you.

Okay, peace out. Back to work for me.