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Moving Right Along…

Cover in process. I’ve blurred the verbiage on the back because I’m not happy with the logline/description, and I haven’t asked permission to use the blurb, not because I don’t trust you. LOL. I also have to fiddle with the graphics, because I’m a tinkerer. I tinker. Tink. Tink.

Herringbone Press is a made up company. It was one of the names, I’m convinced, I used to publish a zine under back in the day. Named after this gigantic wool, herringbone top coat I found in the Goodwill and wore incessantly back in the day. I still like herringbone, the material. My tablet case is herringbone. Not so much the bones of herring. As I’ve told so many people who have told me to eat/blow them over the years, “I choke on small bones.”

I still, haven’t sorted ISBN numbers [you need one for every version you’re going to produce: paperback, PDF, .mobi,  and .epub etc. There’s a lot that goes into putting this shit together. I’m trying to get some blurbs–I hit Stephen King up on Twitter, how about the balls on me?

Anyway, if you’re an author whose name I might recognize, and you feel like offering a blurb, hit me up on the contacts page. Let’s talk. If you’re a legit publisher who’s intrigued, hit me up, too. Why not?

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