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ArtScene with Erika Funke

Back in January, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Erika Funke at the WVIA-FM studio in Pittston, PA. I haven’t seen Erika in a long time [not since my college theater days!] and we had a lot to talk about, including Tales from the Back of a Bus.

Finally, the episode of Art Scene is going to air this week, July 16, right after the NPR news headlines at 11:07 am.  You can listen live on their website if you aren’t within signal range, and it will be available as a podcast after July 22, wherever you get your podcasts or on the ArtScene page.

Very exciting. I love Erika, she’s a darling woman who loves her job, is excited by all the arts, and lives for the collision of the two when chatting in the studio. Give it a listen, if you like.


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