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A Cleaning Fit

I disregarded my mother’s admonition that, “when you get the urge to clean, you should lie down until the feeling passes.”

I cleaned. Well, I started cleaning and made one clean spot.  This formerly rubbish corner is now rather spiffy, I must say. The downside to such cleaning jags is the amount of dust and pet hair you inhale. I’ll probably yack up a hairball later.

On the upside, I found this:

This Mac is Mine, Japanese edition.

According to Google Translate, this says, “This Mac Is Mine Medium bruise,, Our private tower tower John Pivovarnick.” So, yay.

I also uncovered the Polish and French Complete Idiot’s Guide to Mac.

Anyway, I thought I’d share. I’m still waiting to hear when the Troubadours and Ranconteurs episode will air, and I’ll post the details of the Tales from the Back of a Bus book signing that’s coming up just before Christmas at the Library Express in the Marketplace at Steamtown.


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