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The Re-mews are in!

Sorry about the pun. [Not really.]

Rita Mae Brown [Rubyfruit Jungle, Wish You Were Here] said in her writer’s how-to book, Starting From Scratch, that if her cat won’t sleep on a manuscript, there is something wrong with the ms. and she would scrap it and start over.

This is sound authorial advice.

You may remember from other posts that I have my own crackerjack team of feline and canine editors who offer advice on all my project. Rarely, however, have I gotten such and astoundingly positive review as that shown here. 

A cat, not my own, has taken to sleeping on Tales from the Back of a Bus. High praise, indeed.

So, obviously, you should be ordering copies for the animals in your life to nap on, and you can get a cheap ebook copy for yourself when you order your pet the paperback. Or you can get a free copy of the audiobook, read by that world famous [in his own mind] actor Mason Carver when you sign up for a free trial of Audible.

The cats have spoken. I for one welcome our new feline overlords. We must do as they say. Buy my book.


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