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Slooowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch…

Slogging right along. Another copy edit down (by me), some farting around with Amazon’s Kindle Create options (there’s a standalone program and a Word plug-in). I officially have ebook, I’m just tinkering now because the formatting is coming out weird in some places–chapter titles, section quotes.

I understand how you can wind up with inconsistent formatting and other incongruities because hunting them down and fixing them so they stay fixed is tedious in the extreme. But here we are. After I finish fighting with my POS Windows 10 machine, I’ll have a few more tweeks; a decision about being exclusively on Amazon, or flooding the market; maybe a blurb from a friend or two; and we’ll see about getting this puppy out there.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I really do appreciate it.

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