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Progress! Progress in all things…

I’ve been a bad blogger friend. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy. Aside from an unusually large amount of “Is Mars in retrograde?” bullshit [things breaking, other things needing major repairs], I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff.

As you may know, I’ve been threatening to release Tales from the Back of the Bus on the world for some time now, and that is [finally!] well and truly underway.

I’m doing it for a number of reasons.

  1. I think the book is good, and still relevant. Especially in these philosophically backtracking times.
  2. Revenge is a dish best served decades worth of cold.
  3. It will be my self-publishing test balloon to see what all goes into the process, what the barriers are, and just the basic “Can I do this well enough to please my annoying perfectionism?”
  4. The process is also sort of a now and again respite from a much longer project in the works. I’ve kind of burnt out on it, and when my brain gets too owie there, I have something to distract and recharge me.
  5. PLUS it gives me the chance to work out the bugs in the self-publishing process before Dave and I unleash that gigantic project on the planet.

Four really good reasons, if you ask me. Oh, and the revenge thing.

Over the last couple of months I spent time doing a full rewrite and assaulting the manuscript with Grammarly. I’ve packed the whole thing off to an independent editor…not just an editor, the Sherlock Holmes of editors: a CONSULTING Editor [because I’m fancy like that]. The plan is to continue working on the giagantic super double-secret project until the consulting editor has mad me cry, then I’m going to dust off my design skills to convert the manuscript into an ebook and a print on demand paperback edition.  Then I release Tales on an unsuspecting public, and while they pee on or praise it, or simply go “meh,”  I will start the process all over again with the first volume of the the ginormous, earth-shattering project.


Stay tuned.

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