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Speaking of brain farts…

Why is it that I have to be medicated because someone else is an idiot? It’s a question I ask myself a lot lately.

No, I mean it. A lot.

When did someone else’s stupidity become just as valid a point of view as that of an expert in that field? How, for example, does a rapper question an astrophysicist about the roundness of the earth? Seriously, how is this even an issue in the space age, where we’ve seen photographic images of our super round bouncy ball of a planet from the moon and further? And why is it when such stupidity pisses someone off, they have to suppress their anger, often with psychotropics, because expressing anger or frustration is an “inappropriate response,” even though the other person is trying to shove nonsense down your throat?

Here’s your participation ribbon, and here’s your Ativan®.

It happens at work. It happens home. And for the love of Pete, it makes me completely unable to watch the news. Ever. I’m not saying I’m a genius. I’m not saying I have all the answers. I *am* saying I can recognize shit when someone is trying to shove it down my throat. I am open to new facts and information. I’m a fan of the scientific method and I will adjust my worldview according to the latest science. But “because I said so,” or worse, “because my imaginary friend said so,” hasn’t worked on me since grade school.

Part of the problem is that respectable/reliable sources have been compromised to the extent that we can no longer trust the news and media outlets–they have to make a profit, so they’ll bow to advertisers and say anything to draw a crowd.

Science has been twisted to make us think that cigarettes were safe, the planet isn’t getting warmer, and genetic modifications to our food are harmless [even though we then bathe those modified foods in poison that’s showing up in everything]. Every other month, something that was bad for you is suddenly good for you [Coffee will kill you! Coffee repairs your liver! If you like coffee black, you’re a psychopath!]

Can we all please just back away from the Stupid-go-Round™ for a little while before we do something we’ll all regret for a very long time? Can we approach the upcoming Presidential Fucking Election with the thought and respect it deserves, rather than like we’re voting for the prom decorating committee and we’re not voting for that Becky because she’s such a bitch and said these pants makes me look fat! Gah!

Think about it while I go pick up my Ativan® refill.

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  1. Doc Doc

    I believe that the decline of journalistic ethics, has contributed much to our current discord. Even the new York Times, which leaned left in its editorial, NEVER let the news be slanted like it is.

    Likewise, the tea party’s inability to compromise, has basically stopped government… like shoes in a machine.

    Until people start realizing that the world is not black and white, we will never get anywhere

    • I don’t think it’s a question of journalistic ethics–publisher and producer ethics, maybe. I think it’s a question of network news and newspapers having to make a buck, so the whole media system is rigged to be inflammatory, not explanatory.

      Editorial meetings are now, “Which point of view will make our advertisers happy?” or “How can we frame this to scare people enough to buy a copy of the paper?”

      If Cabot Oil wasn’t an advertiser, it’d be all, “10 Ways to Tell if Your Well is Contaminated!” But, instead, it’s all about how many jobs have come to the area [never mentioning that the employees were shipped in, too] and our assbag former governor essentially wrote them a blank check, so we still can’t balance the state budget or finance the state’s schools.

      It’s gone from credible reporting to thinly disguised advertising and info-tainment.

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