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Sneak Peek at the Mill Race Theatrical Company’s THEATER OF FEAR

Many moons ago, my friend Tom Greenfield asked if I’d be interested in adapting an H.P. Lovecraft piece for the stage. I’m always up for a fun challenge, so I said sure! Where and when?

So now, a couple of years, hassles with licensing and inspections, and grey hairs later, the show is about to open at the Mill Race Theatrical Company in Mount Holly, NJ.

The show is in three parts. Part one, is The Lighthouse Keepers. Based on actual events, The Lighthouse Keepers tells the story of a young couple who take a job as caretakers at an isolated lighthouse off the coast of Nova Scotia in the 1950s. Soon after they take up residence, they are cut off from all sources of support by the storm of the century. How will they survive?

The entr’acte is your absolute last chance to catch this mind-boggling prestidigitator with The Last Performance of Doctor Stubbs, the Amazing Chainsaw Magician.

Finally, eldritch horror comes to life in Doctor Crawford Tillinghast’s laboratory, as he fires up his infernal machine and welcomes the old ones From Beyond.

Below you’ll see some behind the scenes production stills. They don’t give anything away. I really, really, really wanted to show some other stuff, but I can’t I really can’t as much as I want to. The Mill Race Theatrical Company went above and beyond [no pun intended] as they always do, and I hope the folks in Mount Holly, NJ know how freaking lucky they are to have such an innovating and daring company in their midst.

Get out and see this. I can’t wait to see it myself. I really can’t. Full info and tickets here.

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