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Welcome to the Sideshow!

In case you noticed, and even if you didn’t, I have an alter-ego named Mason Carver [that’s my SAG-AFTRA name, because I thought Pivovarnick would give people the bad jubies]. He’s an actor and a lot more ego-maniacal/dipso-maniacal than I, but he had a web site first. John Pivovarnick is cheap, and rather than cough up to host another web site, I grouped them together. BUT, I am not consistent in logging out and logging in, which is why you may see posts here marked Posted by Mason or Posted by Johnnyface [which is a whole other explanation I won’t go into right now]. Also, I’m too lazy to delete a story and repost it under the correct name.

I am he and he is me and we are all together. Koo koo ka-choo.

So, that out of the way, I’m going to stop talking about myself in the third person, it freaks me out.


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